Osama bin Cassowary (Sarmi in Jarmies to his friends)




Re Osama bin Cassowary. He is still furious with us. We made the fatal mistake of putting out some fallen mangoes for him and the chick. Now he seems to think our role in life is to deliver to him the mangoes he richly deserves.  He ate the mangoes as they fell from the tree and he checks the sour sop and sapote trees every day. He is so grumpy and bossy. It has to be seen to be believed.

Yesterday we were driving in and we encountered them at the bottom of the 900 meter drive way. He and his chick were milling about the road – mooching calmly up the drive – stopping here and there to have a good peck at this and that. If ever we edged too close to them Osama turned, fluffed up his feathers and glared at us threateningly. He stalked towards us with tremendous attitude. His amber eyes, his long eyelashes.

We have had to hang towels over some of the windows here at the house because he picks a fight with his reflected image and whacks the windows so hard with his beak we can hear him way over the other side of the house. He rattles the rafters.

They made us follow them for almost the entire length of the drive. OLR says they were here before us so they are entitled. But we have stopped giving them fruit here at the house. I take it out and sprinkle it around the paths. They still come begging at the deck and it just breaks our hearts. Because we love them and should never have indulged ourselves by feeding them. But they had nothing to eat after the cyclone and we started then.